Here are the 4 best games chosen for you!

Are you looking for some cues to spend some carefree time and enjoy yourself in complete relaxation? Then you will appreciate the work we have done for you.

In fact, today we present to you the four best free games that we have selected after personally trying and testing them. The goal? To offer you pure, worry-free fun.

These are easy, fast, colorful pastimes that you can download to your smartphone with complete peace of mind. But what are we waiting for? Let’s start right away with the introductions.

Royal Match

With truly impressive graphics, Royal Match definitely stands out among the non-AAMS games. What it’s all about. About a very simple and smooth romp where you will help King Robert restore the castle to its former glory.

You have to destroy obstacles and combine power-ups to overcome levels from the simplest to the most complex. Collect coins in related levels and take advantage of boosters, chests and rich rewards.

Are you ready to tackle 100 new levels? Then climb aboard the train car for a journey through gorgeous landscapes that have already thrilled fans like you on several non-ams sites.

Jet Pack Joyride

A great choice for those who like non-ams shooter video games, JetPack Joyride lets you impersonate the now legendary Barry Steakfries in a wide variety of adventures.

From flying Jetpacks dodging lasers, missiles and electric shocks, to labs full of mechs and giant vehicles. And did you know you can even customize your appearance with the most bizarre clothes?

What else to say about a game that has been downloaded 500 million times from foreign sites? In our opinion, it’s time to put your jetpack on your shoulder and start completing missions!

Do you want to become a human warrior with infinite powers and fight the zombies attacking your city? Survivor is one of the aams-free games that best suits your fighting spirit!

You can’t afford mistakes, the horde of zombies is numerous and your goal is to survive at all costs. You can face up to 1000 monsters at once in levels of different difficulty.

And let’s not forget the new features from the non-ams safe sites such as the spring wheel, which must be turned in the appropriate frame, and the five new chapters added to the seventy. Zombies are waiting to be exterminated!

Going Balls

It doesn’t get any simpler or more fun than this game that is controlled with a single finger, used to slide different balls into different backgrounds. Overcome obstacles and close the 80 levels provided

Going balls is proof that even without too much pretension and without aams you can develop a little game that gets the approval of numerous players around the world.

Are you standing in line at the supermarket? Are you on your way to your place of work? Why not go through a few levels of Going balls in the meantime? You won’t regret it!

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